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Out of Home Advertising
(or Outdoor Advertising) remains one of the few traditional media channels that continues to thrive in the digital age

Out of Home (OOH) is big business. In the US, revenues are in excess of $7billion, and in the UK almost £1billion annually. The Out of Home Media Consultancy is a specialist OOH commercialisation and business development organisation working with media owners, venue owners, agencies and brands. We are focussed on extracting best value propositions from this market for our clients

OOH is capable of delivering brands to audiences as both a broadcast and modal proposition and this is central to the market’s growing importance. However, the Out-of-home supply chain is complex and understanding and then mining it’s value can be difficult. Our consultancy specialises in working with key OOH stakeholders and is renowned for delivering optimal sustainable programmes and deal solutions all designed on a bespoke basis, that give our clients a clear competitive advantage.

For the last 15 years the out-of-home media consultancy team has worked with some of the UK’s largest private and public sector organisations as well as in key territories such as UAE, India, South America and the Far East. Evidence of our work can be seen on most streetscapes, in shopping malls, transport hubs, airports and leisure destinations.

Outside of the boundaries of planning and buying Out of Home, there is a growing demand for broader insight and expert guidance across the whole supply chain

The Out of Home Media Consultancy is a knowledge transfer and project management resource, available to clients, media owners, property owners and public sector enterprises.

OHM Consultancy brings together the wealth of data and shared experience and fuses it with a modern management consultancy approach, driven by a best in class proposition. Rather than ‘white label’ third party expertise as is the practice with the big corporate advisors, our Consultancy business is a bespoke and highly specialised service focussed solely on the out of home sector.

Our work encompasses, M&A activity, valuation, appraisal, infrastructure planning, retail and transport media, estate development and business planning. We work with municipalities, retail owners, public and private sector property owners and export up to date thinking and best practice all over the world.

Our clients benefit from a truly unique proposition that can unlock significant value for them from the out of home market.

Our client list is as broad as it is impressive:

The nature and scope of the work we undertake varies from client to client but together embraces the full range of ‘Out of Home Media’ (OoHM) related development, management, research and consultancy roles.

Our work is generally strategic in nature focussing upon the identification and establishment of optimal and sustainable media related propositions and income streams that best fit our clients’ needs. Our work generally falls into four main categories:

  • The optimisation of existing media related arrangements
  • The identification and development of new media related opportunities (across all our formats)
  • Management support and troubleshooting
  • The provision of strategic advice and industry and market related data

It should be noted from the outset that OHMC don’t sell or promote any specific product. We have no affiliation to any media owner or operator and we do not buy and sell our own media. It is our view that this is crucial in order to ensure an impartial, independent assessment; one that is driven by the client’s own agenda and aspirations rather than simply the business requirements of the operating companies.

The drive for property and venue owners to extract optimal value from their assets has led to the increased importance of developing a Commercialisation Strategy.

Shopping Malls, Airports, Railway termini and major Leisure venues have all benefitted from our programmes, with commercial incomes generating as much as 7% of total venue income.

Commercialisation involves a broad range of activities including speciality leasing, kiosks, temporary letting opportunities, ATMs, promotions, Retail Merchandising Units and vending but increasingly media is becoming the single most dominant channel.

We develop bespoke commercialisation strategies, for each venue by type, identifying appropriate opportunities and then implement them. Our on-going management support to each client portfolio ensures that performance is sustained and that growth forecasts are achieved. There is no ‘set and forget’ element to extracting best commercial values from this market segment. The market is highly dynamic and by establishing long-term relationships with our clients we are able to develop programmes that are best-fit for the market ensuring continued revenue growth.

We have a track record of successfully working with local authorities and other public sector corporate landlords, generating substantial incomes whilst working effectively within the parameters of a tight legislative framework

Local Authority clients are unique amongst our client set and we appreciate that income generation within the public sector environment must clearly be balanced against statutory roles, service delivery, political factors and community issues.

In order to meet the specific demands of our public sector clients, OMC has developed a unique and flexible service package that is strategic in nature and includes a number of initiatives complementary to the core task.

This approach ensures that the benefit derived from an Authority’s media related activities are as far reaching as possible, that both the financial and non-financial aspirations of our clients are fully met and best value secured.

Key areas of work for local authorities covers the optimisation of existing media related arrangements and the identification, development and management of new opportunities across all formats; including digital, large format, 6-sheet (street furniture) and bus shelter contracts.

01/ Valuation and Due Diligence

Understanding values in the Out of Home market requires access to hard market data and a detailed understanding of the mechanics of the business. OMC provides a range of business valuation services that can be applied to entire organisations as well as single site assets and speculative developments. OMC regularly supports investors in assessing deals in the Out of Home media market. We have supported numerous private equity, venture capital, and commercial lenders, as well as service providers and vendors globally. Typically, we supplement an existing deal team and provide industry, market, product or service analysis relevant to the key investment theses driving the potential investment.

02/ Business and Strategy Development

It’s critical for Media and Asset owners to have a clear and deliverable vision. In a market that is in a constant state of flux, successful businesses create and sustain revenue opportunities by distinguishing themselves with new offerings, capabilities and enhancements. Current areas of focus are emerging out-of-home technologies, mobile and social integration, digital product development, strategic partnerships and the architecture of new business models to accelerate growth. OMC has developed a range of business planning tools for the Out of Home market designed to drive efficiency , enhance execution and deliver competitive advantage to our clients.

03/ Tenders and Contracts

Because of the specialised nature of the Out of Home Market, a generalist approach to tendering rights and contracts rarely offers a satisfactory outcome for either party. OMC has designed and project managed a number of the ‘ultra value’ rights and concessions over the last 10 years. It is only through a detailed understanding of the out of home supply chain that bespoke RFP’s can be developed. The efficiencies that this approach brings results in the right proposals at the right time and a process that meets clients timetables, whilst delivering outcomes precisely tailored to our clients needs.

04/ Design and Procurement

Getting best value from Out of Home assets is contingent on a wide variety of influences. From the clients perspective, its often not enough just to accept an off-the-shelf solution. OMC has an enviable track record of designing bespoke products designed to fulfil multiple demand criteria. Our solutions range from venue design, retro-fitting and technology upgrades to working with architects and planners at design stage. Our work often continues to specifying the equipment to be used, the management systems and the service level agreements that accompany them, capped off by our project management expertise which sees the process through from incubation to delivery.

05/ Media Auditing

Property owners are increasingly engaged in deals that offer profit or revenue share in relation to Out of Home Media assets. However access to market data and the ability to look at trading at a forensic level, is limited to a small number of specialist firms. OMC provides its clients with an auditing service which will establish true end of period revenues, compliance with contractual requirements and verification of deductions and set-offs.

The Out of Home Media Consultancy is a global Outdoor and Out-of-Home Advertising consultancy with the scope and knowledge that allows us to address all opportunities and challenges within the international marketplace.

Our assignments range from the commercialisation of assets through to urban renewal and municipal planning schemes, including design and procurement. We understand the market and have unparalleled experience in the development of programmes designed to deliver effective business solutions for both property and media owners.

We work with clients who are looking for a comprehensive solution, or wish to focus on specific sectors: At OMC(I) we take an independent and fact based view of a client’s objectives and work directly with senior management to develop and, where required, implement recommendations.

We approach every project as a unique undertaking, from assignment through to the submission of recommendations and implementation. Our work is organised into distinct phases and measurable tasks.

We draw on our combined expertise to bring together the right resources to apply appropriate solutions and deliver the highest standards of client service. We combine our knowledge with client abilities to create a partnership for the development of enhanced management practice through a number of work channels:

  • Contract Support and Negotiation
  • Fieldwork, Valuation & Analysis
  • Procurement and Deal Structuring
  • Training
  • Project Management
  • Business Planning and Development

The OMCI team have recently completed projects, in India, UAE, USA, Africa, Germany and Asia. Work has ranged from Airport and Venue media design to tender management, transport infrastructure media networks design, for asset owners through to market due diligence, portfolio development, technology project management and M&A activity for Media Owners.

01/ Steve Curtis MBA

Steve joined the Outdoor Advertising Industry in 1980 and, in 1986, established his own OOH media owning company. Steve set up the Media Consultancy in 1997 to advise clients on how their property portfolio can be used as a platform for OOH media. Steve has represented the media interests of the UK’s leading property owners and has been responsible for planning media networks for some of the worlds foremost retail destinations, transport infrastructures and urban centres. Steve’s international work includes Retail projects in India, UAE and the USA and developing regulatory frameworks for a number of municipalities in the Middle East and Asia.

02/ Fiona Fitzgibbon (M)MBA – Associate (UK)

Fiona is an experienced commercialisation and business development strategist, specialising in DOOH and DOOH AdTech, with a proven record for improving business performance and identifying new revenues streams. Fiona’s proficiencies run across Retail/Mail, Roadside, Transit, Stadiums/venues and the EV sector.

Accomplishments include the launch and commercial delivery for both URWestfield London & Strafford City, the digitalisation and creative development of Transport for London, along with commercialisation projects for leading asset/fund management.

Previously, Fiona led the D/OOH sector through London 2012 Olympic/Paralympics Games. As a result, she was invited to join Samsung and was recognised for revolutionising Samsung’s D/OOH investment across the UK and Europe and during her tenure created Cheil Media WW, a dedicated in-house D/OOH planning and buying agency immersed in the creative process.

Fiona is a frequent speaker on the media/marketing and advertising circuit and also actively contributes to driving DEI across the industry and has many voluntary and charitable commitments, including Princes Trust and as a Trustee of BelEve UK

03/ Steve Cowell BSc

Steve has a project management background within both the public and private sectors including 12 years in the OHM industry and 8 years of senior level local authority experience where he specialised in the management of key multi-partner projects including the establishment of the public/private sector partnership to drive forward the on-going regeneration of the Greenwich Peninsula. Steve understands local authorities and the way in which they operate as well as their unique requirements as a client. Steve now specialises in the delivery of media projects that require joint private/public sector working and his influence in this field has been significant in developing our public sector service package.

04/ Steve Ridley

Steve Ridley is a citizen of the United Kingdom and has been resident in the United States since 1999. He is one of the principal founders of Kinetic Worldwide, the largest Out of Home and Non-traditional media specialist agency in the world. In April 2009, Steve was appointed to serve as Global Chief Executive Officer of Kinetic Worldwide managing $4 billion in clients’ media investment.

Prior to his appointment as Global CEO, Steve served as CEO of Kinetic Americas. Under his direction, Kinetic Americas experienced phenomenal to become the preeminent force in the planning and execution of all forms of Out of Home media.

Steve has led the way in the development of the tools, systems, and thinking of the media industry and is a tireless evangelist for the evolution of marketing communications. He has established himself as one of the world’s top experts in this field, a true pioneer who has revolutionized this highly-specialized segment of the media industry.

Steve lends OMC essential expertise in a wide range of areas including:

• In depth Knowledge of the Sell/Buy side of the industry
• Unparalleled understanding of OOH Metrics and trading platforms
• Key pricing and performance measurement data
• Client Advertiser Insights
• A global perspective on market development and trends.

05/ Adam Butterworth BSc

Adam Butterworth (BSC) is a dual citizen of both the United Kingdom and Australia and has been a resident in Canada since 2014. He has over 29 years global experience in the medium – Sales Director for Clear Channel companies in both the UK and Australia/New Zealand and CEO for Clear Channel Singapore and latterly Clear Channel Canada.

Adam brings a unique media owner insight to the business. Having worked across all key Out-of-Home market segments – street furniture, billboards, digital, retail, transit and airports – he is well versed in revenue generation opportunities across these platforms and the media owner commercial models associated with them.

06/ Philip Weake BA

Phil entered the media sector buying airport media worldwide for international advertisers. In 1988 he was appointed Managing Director of Sky Sites, the advertising concessionaire for BAA. In 1994, Philip formed Compass International Media to work with airports in assisting them to optimise revenues from advertising. Phil brings extensive international experience to OMC and has completed over 150 projects in all continents and is now widely regarded as the leading airport and transport media consultant in the world.

If you are interested in discussing any of our services and how they might benefit your business, please contact our Managing Partner – Steve Curtis.

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